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The goods aren’t good. They’re great.

Top quality Consumer Electronics Distribution.


The more the merrier.

With countless products in our portfolio, and more added daily, we have an enormous range for you to choose from. We’re also always on the hunt for exciting new products to add to our range.

IT Hardware

Modems, chargers, graphics cards, USPs, CPU, such as HDD/SSD,and more. Our Hardware and Accessories are top quality.

hard drive turan trade

Mobile Phones

Samsung, Apple, Huawei and everything in between, our range of mobile phones suit every budget.

iphone turan trade

Computers & Tablets

Whether it’s for work, university,or home use, we have a wide range of Tablets, PCs, Laptops and Notebooks to satisfy every need.

Imac 2022 turan trade

Headphones & Buds

On-Ear, Over-Ear and In-Ear, Bluetooth and Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Earbuds and more.  The world is your orchestra.

beats headphones turan trade

White Goods

When it comes to home renovations or upgrades, our White Goods will help your customers make their entire house, a home.

samsung washing machine turan trade

Home & Outdoor

Xiaomi and Segway Scooters to the top-of-the-range TVs and Sound Systems. For budgets of any size, we’ve got it all.

projector turan trade

Audio & Visual

Security, Amatuer and Professional Cameras, Video and Sound Equipment, Mics and Lighting. Hobby or career, we’ve got the goods.

QLED tv turan trade

Gaming & Accessories

Playtime gets serious with ourstate-of-the-art equipment andall the top-rated and lesserknown games on the market.

sony playstation controller turan trade

Internet of Things

Smart Home. Arduino. ESP32. Raspberry Pie. Wearables.And much more. The IoT is thefuture and we’re already there.

ESP32 turan trade

And so much more.

Our portfolio is constantly being updated with new and exciting  products. Get in touch to see the full world of Turan Trade.

Best Products. Better Service.

Whether you want to buy or sell, whether the quantities are big or small, whether you’re ready to make the deal today or next month, we are on it.

Competitive Prices

We believe that a great deal is only great if everyone wins.

Quick Decisions

No time wasting. No advance sales. When we want something, we buy.

Big or Small Quantities

It’s our promise for your peace
of mind.

Extended Warranty

No minimum or maximum order amounts. If we like it, we’ll buy it.

Fast Payments

No waiting around for payments. We have the financial power to pay today.

Stock on Hand

We have stock available, so we’re always ready for business.

Fast Delivery

Our relationship with global logistics companies means we deliver. Fast.

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