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E scooter turan trade

Building Relationships. Building Businesses.

Top quality Consumer Electronics Distribution.


The leading Wholesale and Distribution Company in Slovakia

For the love of distribution.

In Consumer Electronics Distribution, every day is an opportunity to meet new people worldwide, discover new products, and help businesses grow. We are extremely privileged to work in such an exciting industry, vibrant, fast moving industry, and each member of our team is passionate about what we do. That’s how we became one of the leading Wholesale and Distribution Companies in Slovakia with a turnover of over €140 million.


• 8 years of experience

• Global Reach

• Deep market understanding

• Multilingual

• Available 24/7

• Ready to help

MacBook-Pro turan trade

Our Service Promise.

Whether you want to buy or sell, whether the quantities are big or small, whether you’re ready to make the deal today or next month, we are on it.

Competitive Prices

We believe that a great deal is only great if everyone wins.

Quick Decisions

No time wasting. No advance sales. When we want something, we buy.

Big or Small Quantities

It’s our promise for your peace
of mind.

Extended Warranty

No minimum or maximum order amounts. If we like it, we’ll buy it.

Fast Payments

No waiting around for payments. We have the financial power to pay today.

Stock on Hand

We have stock available, so we’re always ready for business.

Fast Delivery

Our relationship with global logistics companies means we deliver. Fast.

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